turn90 benefits

advantages of using turn90

With the patented turn90™ golf device you can reliably align your body to the target.
Full concentration on the blow is now possible.

Game Mode
In game mode, turn90™ gives you the certainty that you are perfectly aligned with the hole. Just experience how total confidence in your alignment feels.

Training Mode
In training mode, turn90™ analyzes your orientation towards the hole and evaluates it, giving you real-time feedback to adjust your positioning.

Out of Sight
turn90™ works even without direct visual contact to the target. It is therefore possible to play over obstacles.

Easy to use
turn90 ™ has a user-friendly one-button operation. Additionally turn90™ analyzes your body movement. Feedback is given by vibration.

turn90 ™ is tucked under the player’s waistband where it is unnoticed by other players.
For reasons of fairness, we ask users to notify their fellow players of the use of turn90™.