Who we are

Jan Wiese

Georg Springub

The best alignment is the correct one

Georg and I have a friendship that is more than 20 years old. A lot has happened in that time, both professionally and personally. In addition to founding a company, we both had families with two children each.

Georg discovered golf years ago and began to think about alignment aids at an early age. In 2015 Georg started to inspire me to play golf. During the first hours of training it became clear to me that proper alignment towards the hole is crucial.

Our frustrations in a lack of hi-tech alignment training devices on the market led us to create our own. What started as an invention to improve our own games became a mission. Together we started the development of turn90 ™.

After years of fun, despair, high-fives and all-nighters, the first turn90 ™ prototype was born.

Countless cycles of testing and refinement ensued.

The result:

turn90 ™ works flawlessly


Jan Wiese
Stuttgart, February 2020